Hank’s New Shoes

What do you want to be when you grow up? One of the most common and thrilling questions for a child to ponder; with limitless options that only seem to grow as they learn more and consistently ask questions. And for Hank, an inquisitive octopus excited to find his own path, some amazing possibilities come to life at the local shoe store with a little help from the shop owner.

The charming story of Hank’s trip to Mr. Turner’s shoe shop in Hank’s New Shoes – written by first-time author Chris Gallagher and illustrated by Darren Gate – introduces eight different and fascinating occupations for a curious mind to imagine doing through the experience of trying on new footwear. While a snow boot helps bring to life the fascinating idea of becoming an explorer, Hank also learns that it could be a world of fun to make music with your feet as a tap dancer. Further, there are boundless jobs for helping, entertaining, or providing for others as Hank discovers through Mr. Turner’s explanation of the use of flip-flops by lifeguards, sneakers by athletes, and construction boots by engineers.

Is it possible to do all of these jobs and more? Hank is ready to find out.

Hank’s New Shoes is available through Barnes & Noble and other online retailers.